Episode 23

Published on:

22nd Apr 2021

Number Girl

Welcome to your new favourite band.

OK, welcome to your new favourite band if you like Pixies, Hüsker Dü and Japanese stuff.

In this episode Ewan tries to convince Nick, returning pod favourite Chris Whitby, and pod newcomer, guitarist of Math Rockers Delta Sleep, Glenn Hodgson of the merits of Japan's Number Girl.

Despite only putting our 4 albums between 97 and 2002 the legacy of Number Girl on the Japanese Alt Rock scene cannot be overestimated. They brought melodic US-style Post Hardcore and left a legacy of guitars, innovation and … some questionable song titles.

We take a look at

Schoolgirl Bye Bye (1997)

Schoolgirl Distortional Addict (1999)

Sappukei (2000)

Num-HeavyMetallic (2002)

For more, check out the band website for merch, music and stuff


We try to get to grips with what made them important, wonder why nobody outside Japan seems to know who they are and fail miserably to understand the obsession with Japanese Schoolgirl iconography.

We also call Pixies - The Pixies, get some album titles wrong and horrendously mispronounce anything Japanese. Oh, and someone's mic got unplugged halfway, see if you can spot whose...

As usual there's a playlist incorporating the podcast and selected songs (as the first album is not available on Spotify, there are tracks from B-Side and Live recordings in there)


Glenn is the lead guitarist of Brighton's excellent Delta Sleep, and their latest album, a collection of live tracks accompanied by a series of short films is well worth your time. Check them out, and buy something from their bandcamp at https://deltasleep.bandcamp.com/music

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