Episode 20

Published on:

1st Apr 2021

The Fall: Part 6 2010- 2017

If it's me and your granny on bongos (and the 66 other guitarists, drummers, bass players, keyboardists, flutists, and more)

It doesn't feel like it's over. We have spent weeks listening to, digesting, dissecting, and discussing over three decades of music from THE FALL. Here we step through the final years, find some praise for the later albums and deal with Mark's tragic death.

The line-up remains the same from last time, and we are joined by James Kennedy, Mike Plowman, Aaron Troye White and The Blue Orchids' Tansy McNally

In this episode we work our way through the ups and downs of...

Your Future Our Clutter (2010)

Ersatz GB (2011)

Re-Mit (2013)

Sub-Lingual Tablet (2015)

New Facts Emerge (2017)

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